4 Pillars of a Career Enhancing Interview

Getting ready for an interview?

Practice Practice Practice.

Solid interview skills are vital for acquiring new and better jobs, landing a promotion, or even hiring new staff.

Here are 4 pillars of a successful interview.

1) Dialogue.

It’s not enough to answer questions about yourself, you must ask questions about the company. A job interview is never one sided, you are examining the company and culture as well. Solid, thoughtful questions also indicate enthusiasm and industry expertise.

2) Constructed Image.

What cloths you wear, what props you carry, and how you behave should speak less about you as an individual and more about you as a competent, efficient professional. Great interview attire should present you as a ‘blank slate’ so that you can better present and show off your resume, your vocabulary and your experience. Heavy cologne, lots of jewelry, and an unnatural hair color will obscure your achievements and professional potential.

3) Intrepidity.

Miriam Webster defines intrepidity as “characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance.” Many job seekers get ‘stuck’ in one role or industry despite highly transferable skills. It takes courage to change careers. It takes confidence and thick skin to justify your value and skill in a different position during a job interview. Even when not changing careers, it takes patience and tenacity to seek out, apply and interview for opportunities.

4) Applied Knowledge.

What differentiates professionals with identical educations, similar skills, comparable industry experience and similar compensation packages? The capacity to apply knowledge learned in one context to a different context. This requires extensive creative and critical thinking and enables the growth of a professional to directly benefit the company. This capacity can be demonstrated during an interview through examples of how a skill set learned at one company benefited your work at another company.