LinkedIn Networking Engagement Tactics

LinkedIn has become a common place networking tool for the savvy professional. As its use becomes more popular, LinkedIn is exposed to misuse from irregular or inexperienced users. Here we share a few networking and network engagement tactics.

Attention Grabbers

A large network is key to LinkedIn search visibility, but an engaged audience is a vital aspect of an effective network in real life. LinkedIn is the top social media platform for professionals and has become commonplace for professionals in the top 20% of their industry. Those succeeding at a high level are very busy and won’t be attracted by random activity. What will grab their attention is a short article that is pithy, insightful, unique and between one and two pages, with a thematically appropriate picture.

This kind of professional promotion has a certain appeal, because it both expands your visibility and indicates a humble awareness of other people’s time.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great platform for meeting likeminded professionals and increasing your profile’s search visibility. LinkedIn groups, like LinkedIn 1st degree connections, increase the networked population able to access your profile from within LinkedIn. An engaged audience, however, is key to remaining top of mind with industry peers. LinkedIn groups have specific, clearly defined interests.

Engage your groups with neat quotes, likes,’ comments, and summarized news content or even tasteful industry-related jokes.

State Your Purpose And Stick To It

As social media becomes more widely used, it has begun to develop the same communication-challenges as the rest of the internet: everyone has a voice, so very few are heard. One way to mitigate this is to avoid a classic marketing mistake and cater to the niche audience at hand rather than try to appeal to everyone and wind up interesting no one.

Perhaps the best way to become a though-leader is to have other people quote, like or repost your work. Not only does this instantly grant you wider exposure, but it recognizes and validates your relevance. Distinct, pithy and careful crafted content will win you many more fans than simply ‘liking’ another’s work or updating your profile.

Another way is to show off your excellent work in a colorful, professional format in the LinkedIn projects section.

Asking questions and sharing news in your groups is also another great way to develop a following. Most groups have a mechanic where the most active members get featured on the group’s front page, with links to the conversations they were involved in.