Memorable Impressions for In-Person Interviews

Come Prepared

Do your homework prior to your in-person interview. Research the company and the individual who will be conducting the interview. This insight will assist in your preparation for potential interview questions. Formulate a list of questions that you believe the interviewer will ask, and rehearse answers until you feel comfortable with your responses. Additionally, don’t arrive empty handed to your interview, bring along at least several high-quality copies of your resume.

Dress for Success

You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression and, in a job interview, your attire can make or break your chances of landing that dream job in a mere moment. Research the company and determine its dress code. Regardless of dress code, you can never go wrong with a two-piece suit in solid colors. Before your interview make sure your attire is properly pressed and professionally cleaned.

Make Eye Contact

During the interview always make eye contact. Looking down can express a lack of confidence and, even worse, looking at your watch will make the interviewer believe you are not interested in the position. It’s not necessary to stare but maintaining eye contact is paramount in expressing confidence and interest.


Researching the company, making eye contact and wearing the proper attire will go a long way in helping you appear confident during an interview. When answering questions, be honest and always make sure your responses end on a positive note. Additionally be aware of your body language. Sit up straight in a neutral position, avoid nodding excessively and sidestep those nervous fidgeting habits like biting your nails or playing with your hair.

Ask Great Questions

Remember you want to express interest in the company and the position during your in-person interview. During your research, prepare a list of questions that reveal your curiosity about the potential employer. This is the time where you turn the tables and interview the interviewer. While the organization is determining if you match the required qualifications, you must decide if you are interested in moving forward in the hiring process. Asking questions shows the interviewer that you arrived prepared and, additionally, can help you determine if the position is a fit for your skills and personality.