Aerospace and Defense Industry Outplacement

Aerospace And Defense Outplacement

The Aerospace And Defense Outplacement Service From PathFinder Information

In no industry does team working play as an important role than it does in the aerospace and defense industry. The PathFinder Information aerospace and defense outplacement service mirrors this philosophy as we work with your organization to deliver a change in the way your business operates. Laying off employees is a delicate situation and you should have a PathFinder Information as partner throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transition.

More importantly however, we work with your transitioning employees who are members of the aerospace and defense outplacement program to identify their career goals and aspirations so they can transition into the next phase of their working life in the most productive way.

Why Choose PathFinder Information For Aerospace and Defense Outplacement?

We have been providing outplacement solutions for all divisions of the industry have worked with organizations of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies to young start-ups. Our aerospace and defense outplacement services are tailored to the needs of your business and help move your organization into a position that will allow it to grow in the coming years.

All members of the aerospace and defense outplacement program will have a program designed around them and their career aspirations. This goes back to the philosophy of teamwork as PathFinder Information works alongside these individuals to provide all the support, guidance and advice they could possibly need to drive their career forward.

The support PathFinder Information can offer includes the following services.

• Professional Resume Writing
• Personalized Resume Distribution
• LinkedIn Branding and Optimization
• PathFinder Information Job Search Management Platform
• Interviewing Techniques and Preparation
• Job Search Strategies and Networking
• Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board and Hiring Partners

PathFinder Information’s aerospace and defense outplacement service frees up resources within your Management and HR departments to allow them to focus on the day-to-day running of your organization, reducing the impact on your bottom line.

More Than An Aerospace And Defense Outplacement Service

We believe we add more value to your organization than any other provider in the outplacement industry. We do this by becoming a trusted and valued member of your team who you can turn to for advice during a time of transition and change.

We reduce the impact aerospace and defense outplacement can have on your brand and we look to motivate existing employees so they see their organization as a partner to help maintain and even increase productivity. Contact PathFinder Information Aerospace and Defense outplacement division today to learn more about our industry leading outplacement services.

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