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Searching for an Atlanta Outplacement Business Partner?

PathFinder Information is dedicated and committed to the success and welfare of all the companies looking for a strategic Atlanta Outplacement business partner. We work with organizations looking to help and advance the professional careers of their transitioning employees. This is the reason why we aim to deliver exceptional outplacement solutions for Atlanta organizations that need them the most. With PathFinder Information by your side, businesses can take advantage of our revolutionary Atlanta outplacement services. Our main aim is to provide you with reliable and fast working outplacement services in Atlanta so that both the organization and the employees can benefit upon termination of their working relationship.

PathFinder Information specializes in the following areas:

• Atlanta Executive Outplacement
• Enterprise Atlanta Outplacement Projects
• Mid-Tier Outplacement Programs
• On-Site Notification Day Support

Atlanta Outplacement Techniques That Are Certain to Deliver Results

Most Outplacement firms provide minimal support for transitioning employees, which produces mediocre results. PathFinder Information goes a step further than our Outplacement industry competitors by offering our Outplacement partners our Resume Distribution Program. We utilize a Resume Distribution program at PathFinder Information, which ensures all individuals will have their resumes sent directly to recruiters and hiring managers at targeted organizations and career opportunities. We significantly increase the odds of your employees landing a large amount of interviews and ultimately landing a new career opportunity. With our Atlanta outplacement services, we can help your organization reach your future business goals.

PathFinder Information’s has helped a multitude of Atlanta businesses with their corporate Outplacement needs. We are well equipped with the resources and tools needed to help manage your outplacement project. Whether you have just merged with another organization or if you’re scaling back your resources, with our exceptional Atlanta outplacement services, you will be able to meet all of your business objectives!

Reputable and Trusted Consultants for Atlanta Outplacement

PathFinder Information is a reliable source of reputable and trusted outplacement consultants. Our experts are the best when it comes to your Atlanta outplacement needs, and you can rest assured your business working with the top outplacement firm in Atlanta. We have the best outplacement team and services that can help your transitioning employees with everything from optimizing their LinkedIn profiles or preparing them for their next interview.

Not only do we have a local presence in Atlanta, we also operate in over 16 nationwide locations. This national reach allows your transitioning employees to explore career opportunities outside Atlanta if they so desire. We have the capability to run your Atlanta outplacement project on both a national and local level. Contact us now to find the best solution for your Atlanta outplacement needs!

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