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What Boston Compensation Consulting is all about

PathFinder Information is dedicated offering goal oriented compensation analysis services in the Boston, MA market.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the success of any business depends on attracting and retaining topnotch employees and executives, while being able to preserve your bottom line at the same time. Boston, MA Compensation Analysis offers businesses specialized expertise in many different areas of compensation including executive benefits and perquisites, peer group selection and competitive analysis, and both cash and equity-based short and long-term incentive plan designing. We are staffed with a highly experienced team of experts who are well rooted in compensation consulting based on industry facts.

Vast expertise of Boston Compensation Analysis

Our Boston Compensation Consulting Services are driven by a complete understanding of market norms and are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our vast areas of expertise in Boston Executive Compensation Analysis is what sets our team apart from competitors. We offer board advisory services, which involve board pay & equity strategy consulting and executive compensation. Our service portfolio also includes broad based rewards consulting, compensation co-sourcing and total rewards, all geared towards ensuring your business shines and enjoys unmatched level of success.

Serving the Boston’s Compensation Consulting needs

What makes Boston, MA Executive Compensation Analysis unique is our great desire to helping you succeed and you can bet that we will always go out of our way in ensuring you become a force to reckon with in your market. With our vast experience of the job market and compensation norms in Boston, you can rest assured that you are working with the best compensation and benefits experts. With us, succeeding is not optional but a must. Over the years, we have helped organizations of all sizes in planning their compensation programs and increasing their bottom line.

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