Healthcare Industry Outplacement

Health Care Outplacement

PathFinder Information’s Health Care Outplacement Service

The health care industry requires people who are caring and nurturing by nature and PathFinder Information’s heath care outplacement programs work on the same principles. We care for all members of the health care outplacement program and nurture them to allow each individual to profile their skills and experience to potential employers.

Furthermore we care about your brand reputation so our health care outplacement team manages the programs in such a way as to reduce any negative sentiments that might be shown towards your firm.

Our transparent health care outplacement solutions create a situation that allows your firm to better engage with your remaining employees so motivation remains high during the transitional period.

Service Orientated Health Care Outplacement

Health care professionals know the value of providing a great service and with PathFinder Information’s health care outplacement program we use this same principle to provide great service to your transitioning employees.

They will receive;

• Advice On Professional Resume Writing
• Personalized Resume Distribution
• LinkedIn Branding and Optimization
• PathFinder Information Job Search Management Platform
• Guidance On Interviewing Techniques and Preparation
• Job Search Strategies and Networking Opportunities
• Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board and Hiring Partners

Each of these elements can be reviewed to the member of your outplacement program and is made available during and post the transitional period. This results in members achieving a higher interview and placement rate than many other health care outplacement in the industry.

What PathFinder Information’s Health Care Outplacement Service can do for You!

Our outplacement teams will work alongside your business to identify the most appropriate way for your staffing levels to reflect your current and long term objectives. Thanks to many years of outplacement experience we can advise you on all aspects of employment law, reducing the risk of litigation.

We take the stress and anxiety out of running a health care outplacement program as our team are experts in the industry and know how to manage delicate situations carefully.

Above all else we care for your business, employees going through the transition and existing employees in the same way they care for their patients allowing you to continue to provide the same high levels of service you have always done. Contact our health care outplacement experts today!

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