Oil and Gas/ Energy & Utilities Industry Outplacement

Oil, Gas, Energy and Utilities Outplacement

The PathFinder Information Oil, Gas, energy and Utilities Outplacement Program

Few industries have undergone the seismic change that the energy industry has seen in the last decade or so. Fluctuations in prices and the increased demanded for renewable forms of energy have required many companies to embark on oil, gas, and energy and utilities outplacement programs.

Our Oil and Gas outplacement team has experience working within the energy business so they have firsthand experience of what your employees experience during their transition period. This enables PathFinder Information to provide oil, gas, energy and utilities outplacement services with unparallel levels of support and guidance to your oil and gas employees.

What our Oil, Gas, Energy and Utilities Outplacement Program can Deliver

We adopt a tried and tested oil, gas, energy and utilities outplacement program with outplacement services that ensure both you and your employee have the smoothest possible transition in the most appropriate manner. Our approach supports the employee in what can sometimes be a quite stressful time, but we also provide assistance to your business so you can manage and mitigate any laws and regulations.

We have access to the recruiters within some of the top Fortune 100 energy and utility firms, which allows us to place employees in the oil, gas, energy and utilities outplacement program at the top of those firms recruitment list.
Each member participating in our oil, gas, energy and utilities outplacement program will be given support and guidance on how to build an impressive resume, tips on performing well at an interview and guidance on what their next career step should be.

Additional Benefits of PathFinder Information’s Outplacement Program

This more harmonious way of restructuring can deliver the following additional benefits that are not always considered by other oil, gas, energy and utilities outplacement providers.

• Less litigation for your business.
• Increase in the number of former employees finding positions elsewhere in the industry.
• Improved moral for remaining employees.

Curiosity and knowledge go a long way in the utilities industry and we will apply these principles to your project to understand the needs of the business, and the needs of the employee.

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