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PathFinder Information Ultimate Job Search Guide

How do you run a successful job search?

This is a question a lot of job seekers ask themselves. Many job seekers are frustrated with today’s job market. They submit an application through an online job board and wait to hear from a hiring manager or recruiter, but that call never comes.  PathFinder Information specializes in helping job seekers run a proactive and successful job search.  We have combined the knowledge of our experts to create the ultimate job search guide dedicated to helping a job seeker master every step of their job search and ultimately land a new career-enhancing opportunity.  With this guide, job seekers will gain access to the following strategies and templates:

Resume Creation and Optimization Does your resume meet industry standards?  How well does it draw the attention of hiring manager?  PathFinder Information will walk you through each step of creating a key-word optimized resume showcasing your experience in a way that will help you beat out the competition for any job you are applying for.  Not only will we walk you through the steps of creating a resume, but will provide you with access to a template you can use to draft your resume!

LinkedIn Branding – A great, key word optimized LinkedIn profile should attract recruiters on a regular basis.  When was the last time a recruiter contacted you through LinkedIn about a new career opportunity?  PathFinder Information will review every section of your LinkedIn profile and show you how to attract hiring managers and recruiters.  LinkedIn has changed the job search market and every professional either passively or actively looking for a new career opportunity needs to know the ins and outs of LinkedIn.  Become a LinkedIn expert and have more career opportunities presenting themselves directly to you!

Interview Preparation Skills – Are you prepared for your next interview?  After preparing thousands of candidates for their interviews, PathFinder Information has laid out the key element of an interview.  From which questions a candidate should be ready to answer to the types of questions every candidate needs to ask, the tactics PathFinder passes on to you will help you master any interview.

Offer Negotiation – Candidates wonder when to talk about compensation with a hiring manager and how to navigate the conversation.  The offer negotiation stage of the interview needs to be handled delicately.  With PathFinder Information’s job search guide, we will show you how to successfully navigate negotiation talks and review the do’s and don’ts every job seeker should know!

Additional Topics Covered: Before starting a job search, every candidate needs to think about and create career goals.  Knowing what you want for your next job will help focus your job search to the right opportunities.  PathFinder Information will provide you with Cover Letter and Thank You Note templates so you can impress hiring managers. Every job search candidate needs to be able to provide quality references.  PathFinder Information will walk you through the steps to make sure your references are helping you land your next career opportunity.

In today's job market finding your job can be a challenging and daunting experience. It is often said that searching for a new job and finding the right path to take next is a job in itself, and it is something which requires time and dedication.

PathFinder Information understands the hurdles job seekers face in making a career transition, our goal with this guide is to give job seekers the guidance needed to make that step in their chosen career path.

Your PATH to success starts here! 

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