When Making The Hard Decision To Downsize, There Is A Way To …

Protect your company’s brand, increase job retention, minimize Litigation risks, and reduce Unemployment expenses...

All while helping transitioning employees and their families through financial uncertainty -- by providing your employees one crucial benefit...


At Pathfinder Information, we offer the highest level of personalized outplacement services on the market. Everyday we help Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses care for the employees they have to let go. We provide:

  • Resume creation and distribution...
  • Personalized career coaching...
  • Interview Preparation…
  • LinkedIn branding...
  • Unlisted job openings...
  • And much more!


With an 81% placement rate and glowing reviews from employees we’ve helped, the difference between us and our competitors is clear -- Pathfinder Information is the company you need as your Outplacement partner!

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In an age of social transparency, only the companies that know how to protect their reputation will be able to attract and keep the best talent -- and simple marketing and PR tactics will not be enough.

A recent study showed that about 38% of people who were let go by their employer left negative reviews on social media and anonymous review sites.

With more and more people basing their decisions of where to work on social reviews, that statistic is REALLY troubling. The best way to maintain a reputation of being a great employer -- and consequently to earn and keep the best talent -- is to support your employees in a way that makes them feel cared for BEYOND just the work they do for you.

Outplacement services are the solution... By providing outplacement services, you make a strong and lasting statement to your employees and the world:
“We care about our employees and their families, even when we have to let them go.”

Companies who can do that will be the place where everyone wants to work and do business -- they will have their choice of the best talent, they will have the highest job retention, they will have the lowest litigation risks and unemployment costs.

Will that company be you?

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No matter what your company’s needs are -- one employee or one thousand, entry-level staff or top-level executives -- we’ve got you covered! We can customize our services to fit your specific needs. And we can do this for any industry.

At Pathfinder, we take pride in doing things differently than our competitors. We don’t just provide your transitioning employees with online tools and a job board and then wish them luck.

We take a personalized, hands-on approach -- which includes unlimited coaching from a personal career manager in your employee’s field -- to walk your transitioning employee through, step by step, to their next career.

And it makes ALL the difference!

We hope you will let us help you in the noble endeavor to support your employees and their families through this difficult transition. By doing so, it will not only help their future, it will also help yours.

So, take the next step… Contact Pathfinder today for your FREE consultation!

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