PathFinder Information Testimonials

Marketing Account Executive

Pathfinder Information has been a beneficial resource for my job search. I was able to work with the Pathfinder Information team to revise my resume and ultimately build it up to grab employers' attention. They helped me identify and focus in on the most important things in my resume that companies would be interested in. I am very satisfied with my revised resume, and I’m sure that it will benefit me while trying to pursue future opportunities.

- Austin TX

PathFinder Information Testimonials

Entry Level Applicant

I think Pathfinder has increased my job opportunities, because they helped me put together a foundation for my career. Now when I apply or go in for a job interview I know the correct steps to take. I practiced interviewing with my Career Manager, and that helped me feel much more confident.

- Orlando, Florida

PathFinder Information Testimonials

Veteran, Business Owner

I am quite happy with my new LinkedIn profile. My Social MediaAnalyst took the time to learn about my military career and the business I started in order to concisely and accurately present it all on my LinkedIn profile. She responded quickly when I had questions or wanted something modified. The LinkedIn networking guide they provided was also useful.

- Fairfax, Virginia

PathFinder Information Testimonials

Recent College Graduate

My career management has been great throughout the whole program. I would get weekly coaching with one of my career managers, which was great. We would talk about my progress and he would also tell me things that most jobs are looking for when they are hiring. He would also coach me on things that would make me standout from other individuals trying to get the job I'm pursuing.

- Washington D.C.

PathFinder Information Testimonials

VP Sales

PathFinder has been a huge help with my job search.   My Career Manager coached me through the interview process and advised me on job search tactics.  I was also able to quickly reach my Career Management Team whenever I had questions or concerns. My Resume Analyst even prepared different versions of my resume for the different industries I was focusing on. It's been many years since I was out on the market; fortunately I was in good hands.

- Orlando Florida

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